CSA Z1002 Risk Assessment Standard – 60 Day Public Review

60 Day Public Review Starts Today

CSA (the Canadian Standards Association) has been working on a new risk assessment standard called Z1002 – Occupational Health and Safety Hazard Identification and Elimination and Risk Assessment and Control, since the fall of 2007.

This risk assessment standard is the first of its kind globally and will place the CSA Z100x series of Occupational Health and Safety Management standards at the forefront globally when it is published this year.

This standard is destined to become a Canadian National Standard and will have influence on all the standards in the CSA Catalog that include risk assessment (CSA Z432, CSA Z434, CSA Z460, CSA Z462, etc.)

As of today, the standard is available for public review. This means that you can download a draft copy of the standard for free and have a look at the content of the document. It’s also hoped that you will provide comments on the document that will go back to the technical committee at the end of the Public Review phase on 17-Apr-11 17-Mar-11. Every comment will be reviewed by the Technical Committee. You have the chance to make change in the document before it is published later this year.

Public Review is only open for 60 days, so act quickly! On 17-Apr-11 17-Mar-11 review will close permanently for this edition of the document!

Get The Draft

If you are interested in reviewing and commenting on the draft, please visit:


You can download the draft and you can link to the comments page for the document to provide your thoughts on it.

More Information

Need more information on this standard? Please contact the CSA Project Manager:
Elizabeth Rankin,
ph: (416) 747-2011

Author: Doug Nix

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  • Readers: Please note that I made an error in the original post when I said that the Public Review process would close in April. It in fact closes on 17-Mar-11. 😳 Thanks to Elizabeth Rankin for pointing out my error!