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Combination LockMachinery Safety 101 is a blog owned and pub­lished by Compliance InSight Consulting Inc. Our activ­i­ties are sub­ject to Canadian Federal pri­vacy legislation.

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Policy Number 8.2, Revision 1, 26-​​Mar-​​08Adobe Acrobat

Approved by: Doug Nix


The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) is a Canadian Federal Law that reg­u­lates the col­lec­tion and use of per­sonal infor­ma­tion within Canada. Compliance InSight Consulting (CIC) and Machinery Safety 101 are oblig­ated to com­ply with this Act when­ever per­sonal infor­ma­tion is collected.


This pol­icy applies to the col­lec­tion and use of per­sonal infor­ma­tion exceed­ing that which is pub­licly avail­able and includes the stor­age of that infor­ma­tion. Specifically excluded from this pol­icy under the PIPEDA are:

  • An employee’s name, title, busi­ness address or tele­phone number;
  • Employee infor­ma­tion.

Other fed­eral and provin­cial laws may reg­u­late this information.


All CIC direc­tors, employ­ees and sub­con­trac­tors are respon­si­ble for keep­ing this policy.


Ten Privacy Principles have been set out by the Federal Department of Justice and the Privacy Commissioner. These prin­ci­ples were first artic­u­lated in CSA Q830-​​96, Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information.

CIC is com­mit­ted to apply­ing these prin­ci­ples in our busi­ness deal­ings with com­pa­nies and individuals.

Privacy Principles

  1. Accountability: An orga­ni­za­tion is respon­si­ble for per­sonal infor­ma­tion under its con­trol and shall des­ig­nate an indi­vid­ual or indi­vid­u­als who are account­able for the organization’s com­pli­ance with the fol­low­ing principles.
  2. Identifying Purposes: The pur­poses for which per­sonal infor­ma­tion is col­lected shall be iden­ti­fied by the orga­ni­za­tion at or before the time the infor­ma­tion is collected.
  3. Consent: The knowl­edge and con­sent of the indi­vid­ual are required for the col­lec­tion, use or dis­clo­sure of per­sonal infor­ma­tion, except when inappropriate.
  4. Limiting Collection: The col­lec­tion of per­sonal infor­ma­tion shall be lim­ited to that which is nec­es­sary for the pur­poses iden­ti­fied by the orga­ni­za­tion. Information shall be col­lected by fair and law­ful means.
  5. Limiting Use, Disclosure, and Retention: Personal infor­ma­tion shall not be used or dis­closed for pur­poses other than those for which it was col­lected, except with the con­sent of the indi­vid­ual or as required by the law. Personal infor­ma­tion shall be retained only as long as nec­es­sary for ful­fil­ment of those purposes.
  6. Accuracy: Personal infor­ma­tion shall be as accu­rate, com­plete, and up-​​to-​​date as is nec­es­sary for the pur­poses for which it is to be used.
  7. Safeguards: Personal infor­ma­tion shall be pro­tected by secu­rity safe­guards appro­pri­ate to the sen­si­tiv­ity of the information.
  8. Openness: An orga­ni­za­tion shall make read­ily avail­able to indi­vid­u­als spe­cific infor­ma­tion about its poli­cies and prac­tices relat­ing to the man­age­ment of per­sonal information.
  9. Individual Access: Upon request, an indi­vid­ual shall be informed of the exis­tence, use and dis­clo­sure of his or her per­sonal infor­ma­tion and shall be given access to that infor­ma­tion. An indi­vid­ual shall be able to chal­lenge the accu­racy and com­plete­ness of the infor­ma­tion and have it amended as appropriate.
  10. Challenging Compliance: An indi­vid­ual shall be able to address a chal­lenge con­cern­ing com­pli­ance with the above prin­ci­ples to the des­ig­nated indi­vid­ual or indi­vid­u­als for the organization’s compliance.

To meet these prin­ci­ples, CIC makes these commitments:

  1. The Managing Directors of the cor­po­ra­tion are respon­si­ble for the imple­men­ta­tion and main­te­nance of this policy.
  2. Wherever CIC gath­ers infor­ma­tion on indi­vid­u­als, this infor­ma­tion will be main­tained in a con­fi­den­tial man­ner. CIC will not sell, lease, lend or oth­er­wise dis­close per­sonal infor­ma­tion col­lected for any pur­pose except where per­mit­ted or required by Canadian Federal or Provincial law. A notice will be posted on web pages and other doc­u­ments where per­sonal infor­ma­tion may be gath­ered inform­ing indi­vid­u­als that their infor­ma­tion is being col­lected for a spe­cific pur­pose, out­lin­ing that pur­pose and their rights under the PIPEDA.
  3. Where per­sonal infor­ma­tion exceed­ing that which is pub­licly avail­able is gath­ered on an indi­vid­ual, a request for con­sent to gather that infor­ma­tion will be made. Refusing to give con­sent may pre­vent the indi­vid­ual from obtain­ing access to cer­tain prod­ucts or ser­vices. Where this is the case, a notice will be clearly made indi­cat­ing the rea­sons for refusal of service.
  4. CIC will limit the col­lec­tion of per­sonal infor­ma­tion to that specif­i­cally required for the stated purposes.
  5. Personal for­ma­tion exceed­ing that which is pub­licly avail­able will only be used for the orig­i­nal pur­pose for which it was obtained. CIC will not sell, lease, lend or oth­er­wise dis­close per­sonal infor­ma­tion col­lected for any pur­pose except where per­mit­ted or required by Canadian Federal or Provincial law. Personal infor­ma­tion will be retained for a lim­ited period not exceed­ing five (5) years after which time it shall be securely destroyed.
  6. Every effort will be made to ensure that the infor­ma­tion gath­ered is accu­rate and up-​​to-​​date as nec­es­sary for the pur­pose. Individuals have the right to request access to the infor­ma­tion that is held by CIC, and to make cor­rec­tions, addi­tions or dele­tions at any time. A request must be sub­mit­ted in writ­ing, along with accept­able iden­ti­fi­ca­tion to allow CIC offi­cers to deter­mine that the indi­vid­ual request­ing the changes is the indi­vid­ual whose infor­ma­tion will be affected. Wherever pos­si­ble, CIC will pro­vide the means for indi­vid­u­als to securely view and mod­ify their per­sonal infor­ma­tion directly.
  7. CIC will employ suit­able secu­rity mea­sures to pro­tect per­sonal infor­ma­tion from unau­tho­rized use by any indi­vid­ual or organization.
  8. CIC poli­cies and pro­ce­dures on col­lec­tion and use of per­sonal infor­ma­tion shall be made pub­licly available.
  9. Individuals have the right to free access to their per­sonal infor­ma­tion. Anyone who believes that CIC may hold their per­sonal infor­ma­tion will be given free access to that infor­ma­tion as out­lined else­where in this pol­icy. Wherever pos­si­ble, means will be pro­vided to facil­i­tate direct access to per­sonal infor­ma­tion by the individual.
  10. Challenges to this pol­icy or to CIC com­pli­ance with this pol­icy and the PIPEDA shall be directed to the indi­vid­u­als respon­si­ble for imple­men­ta­tion and main­te­nance of this pol­icy as given in Section I of this policy.

Managing Directors

Douglas Nix, A.Sc.T., Managing Director, Sales and Operations and Principal Consultant

Kimberly Nix, Managing Director, Finance, Marketing and Educational Design

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