More flip-flopping on EN 954-1?

In recent posts I’ve been discussing the changes in the use of EN 954-1, Safety of Machinery ? Safety Related Parts of Control Systems. Part 1: General Principles for Design. The EU originally announced that this standard was to be withdrawn on 31-Dec-09, being replaced by EN ISO 13849-1. As you may know, there are significant differences in these two standards.

A later announcement from the European Commission repealed the withdrawal of EN 954-1, extending its use until 31-Dec-12. This announcement was itself withdrawn.

So where do we stand today? Currently, EN 954-1 will be withdrawn on 31-Dec-09 and will be replaced by EN ISO 13849-1, UNLESS this decision is again reversed by the EC in consultation with the EC Machinery Working Group. A meeting is planned for 7/8-Dec-09 to discuss this situation and to resolve the confusion.

As a machine builder, there is only one prudent course of action – implement EN ISO 13849-1 in your designs. If the decision remains as it currently stands, then your products will conform to the requirements on 31-Dec-09 and you will be able to continue to ship product to the EU. If the decision is reversed by the EC and EN 954-1 remains in use until 2012, then you are three years ahead of the requirement and should be using that to full advantage in your marketing and sales efforts.

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