Machinery Safety 101

Interlocked gate testing

Did you know that inter­locked gates require stop­ping per­form­ance testing?

Machinery needs to be able to stop in the time it takes a per­son to open the guard and reach the haz­ard. If the dis­tance from the guard open­ing to the haz­ard is short enough that a per­son can reach the danger point before the haz­ard can be con­trolled, the guard is use­less. The res­ult­ing situ­ation may be worse than not hav­ing a guard because its pres­ence leads to a false sense of secur­ity in users.

Test the stop­ping time of guarded haz­ards and make sure that guards are far enough away from the danger zone to be effect­ive. For more on stop­ping per­form­ance require­ments, see CSA Z434, EN 999 (soon to be replaced by EN 13855:2010), and in the USA, 29 CFR 1910.217(h)(9)(v).

Down­load ISO Standards 
Down­load IEC stand­ards, Inter­na­tion­al Elec­tro­tech­nic­al Com­mis­sion standards.
Down­load BSI Stand­ards (Brit­ish Stand­ards Institution)
Down­load ANSI standards

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