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CSA Z1002 Risk Assessment Standard – 60 Day Public Review

60 Day Public Review Starts Today

CSA (the Cana­dian Stand­ards Asso­ci­ation) has been work­ing on a new risk assess­ment stand­ard called Z1002 – Occu­pa­tion­al Health and Safety Haz­ard Iden­ti­fic­a­tion and Elim­in­a­tion and Risk Assess­ment and Con­trol, since the fall of 2007.

This risk assess­ment stand­ard is the first of its kind glob­ally and will place the CSA Z100x series of Occu­pa­tion­al Health and Safety Man­age­ment stand­ards at the fore­front glob­ally when it is pub­lished this year.

This stand­ard is destined to become a Cana­dian Nation­al Stand­ard and will have influ­ence on all the stand­ards in the CSA Cata­log that include risk assess­ment (CSA Z432, CSA Z434, CSA Z460, CSA Z462, etc.)

As of today, the stand­ard is avail­able for pub­lic review. This means that you can down­load a draft copy of the stand­ard for free and have a look at the con­tent of the doc­u­ment. It’s also hoped that you will provide com­ments on the doc­u­ment that will go back to the tech­nic­al com­mit­tee at the end of the Pub­lic Review phase on 17-Apr-11 17-Mar-11. Every com­ment will be reviewed by the Tech­nic­al Com­mit­tee. You have the chance to make change in the doc­u­ment before it is pub­lished later this year.

Pub­lic Review is only open for 60 days, so act quickly! On 17-Apr-11 17-Mar-11 review will close per­man­ently for this edi­tion of the doc­u­ment!

Get The Draft

If you are inter­ested in review­ing and com­ment­ing on the draft, please vis­it:

You can down­load the draft and you can link to the com­ments page for the doc­u­ment to provide your thoughts on it.

More Information

Need more inform­a­tion on this stand­ard? Please con­tact the CSA Pro­ject Man­ager:
Eliza­beth Rankin,
ph: (416) 747‑2011

One thought on “CSA Z1002 Risk Assessment Standard – 60 Day Public Review

  1. Read­ers: Please note that I made an error in the ori­gin­al post when I said that the Pub­lic Review pro­cess would close in April. It in fact closes on 17-Mar-11. 😳 Thanks to Eliza­beth Rankin for point­ing out my error!

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