CSA Z1002 Public Review – Halfway there!

Today is the 17th of February, marking the halfway point in the Public Review of CSA Z1002, ? Occupational Health and Safety Hazard Identification and Elimination and Risk Assessment and Control. If you are interested in reviewing the standard before it is published, you need to get a copy of the time-limited draft document soon. Only 30 days remain for you to read and comment on the draft.

Get the draft.

Please take the time to submit your comments on the CSA web site once you’ve read the document. DO NOT SUBMIT COMMENTS HERE. Any comments submitted to this blog cannot be accepted by CSA and so will not be reviewed by the TC. Submit your comments through the CSA Public Review web site.

If you need more information on the draft or on how to submit comments, please contact the CSA Project Manager, Ms. Elizabeth Rankin, elizabeth.rankin’at’csa.ca, +1 (416) 747-2011.

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