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CSA Z1002 Public Review – Halfway there!

Today is the 17th of Feb­ru­ary, mark­ing the halfway point in the Pub­lic Review of CSA Z1002, – Occu­pa­tion­al Health and Safety Haz­ard Iden­ti­fic­a­tion and Elim­in­a­tion and Risk Assess­ment and Con­trol. If you are inter­ested in review­ing the stand­ard before it is pub­lished, you need to get a copy of the time-lim­ited draft doc­u­ment soon. Only 30 days remain for you to read and com­ment on the draft.

Get the draft.

Please take the time to sub­mit your com­ments on the CSA web site once you’ve read the doc­u­ment. DO NOT SUBMIT COMMENTS HERE. Any com­ments sub­mit­ted to this blog can­not be accep­ted by CSA and so will not be reviewed by the TC. Sub­mit your com­ments through the CSA Pub­lic Review web site.

If you need more inform­a­tion on the draft or on how to sub­mit com­ments, please con­tact the CSA Pro­ject Man­ager, Ms. Eliza­beth Rankin, elizabeth.rankin’at’, +1 (416) 747‑2011.

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