IRRST Injection Moulding Machine Safety Checklists

RG-687 CoverPlastic injection moulding machines are one of the most dangerous machines in widespread use in industry. The Institut de recherche Robert-Sauv? en sant? et en s?curit? du travail, is one of Canada’s leading research centers in occupational health and safety. I would highly recommend the checklist to anyone dealing with these machines.

Note that ANSI B151.1 does not permit the use of risk assessment, thus the checklist does not implement risk assessment. Nevertheless, I would strongly recommend that a detailed risk assessment be conducted on the machinery to ensure that ALL the risks have been effectively controlled, and not just those foreseen by the B151.1 Technical Committee!


The IRSST has produced, in collaboration with professionals from the plastics processing industry, a simple tool for checking the safeguards for horizontal plastic injection molding machines. Developed to support companies in the plastics processing industry in their efforts to prevent accidents involving horizontal plastic injection molding machines, this document can also serve as a basic document in the training offered to the personnel in these companies and to students in plastics processing. However, it does not allow a risk analysis to be done to determine limitations, to identify hazards, and to estimate the risk; in these cases, the standards must be consulted. The safety checklist was based on the recognized North American standard ANSI/SPI B151.1 ? 2007.

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