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The Fukushima Diaries: A Robot Operator Tells All

iRobot PacBot in action at Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear PlantIEEE Spec­trum’s Auto­ma­tion Blog has run a series of excep­tion­al art­icles on the Fukushi­ma Dai-Ichi crisis since the earth­quake and tsunami occurred on 11-March. Recently they uncovered a blog writ­ten by a robot oper­at­or at the plant that speaks can­didly about the oper­a­tions there and the prob­lems occur­ring as they try to shut the plant down.

From the IEEE Spec­trum Auto­ma­tion Blog:

Edit­or­’s Note: This is part of IEEE Spec­trum’s ongo­ing cov­er­age of Japan’s earth­quake and nuc­le­ar emergency. 

An anonym­ous work­er at Japan’s Fukushi­ma Dai-ichi nuc­le­ar power plant has writ­ten dozens of blog posts describ­ing the ups and downs of his exper­i­ence as one of the lead robot oper­at­ors at the crippled facility.

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