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Bye, Steve. Thanks for everything!

Today marks a turn­ing point for me. With the loss of Steve Jobs, the world is a less­er place. His bril­liance, vis­ion and cha­risma changed the world for the bet­ter in so many ways. 

Bye SteveAs any­one who knows me well will tell you, I am a pas­sion­ate Mac user. I became a believ­er in 1991 when my then-girl­friend intro­duced me to her SE-30, “Pea­nut”, but my his­tory with Apple goes back all the way to 1980. As a Grade 10 stu­dent, I landed a job selling Apple com­puters. We were selling Apple II’s, II+‘s, IIe’s and III’s in those days. The Apple II was the first game changer from Apple, delivered in the days when com­puters were behemoths owned by cor­por­a­tions, and the Uni­ver­sity of Water­loo’s Red Room was the heart of their com­puter sci­ence pro­gram. I remem­ber the launch of the Lisa, and I remem­ber my first exper­i­ence of a graph­ic­al UI on the Lisa we had in the showroom.

I became an Evan­geLista in the ’90’s, sub­scrib­ing to the Mac Evan­geL­ist pub­lished by Guy Kawa­saki. Armed with GK’s facts, I went armed into battle with my PC lov­ing col­leagues. I watched in hor­ror as Scul­ley ous­ted Steve from Apple, and the com­pany entered a peri­od of mediocrity that nearly ended it when Gil Amelio took charge and in a stroke of vis­ion­less lead­er­ship insisted on build­ing the same crappy beige boxes that every­one else was building.

My evan­gel­ism nev­er slackened, des­pite these set­backs, des­pite the cri­ti­cism and doom­say­ing of friends, fam­ily and col­leagues. I con­tin­ued to pick fights with PC users who just did­n’t, and could­n’t, “get it”.

My heart soared when Steve came back to Apple, and the launch of the first iMacs in Bondi Blue changed the world. It was the begin­ning of the revolu­tion I always knew would come. My Bondi Blue Rev B iMac still works, and has a safe place in my house, as a remind­er of what change can look like.

As I sit writ­ing this on my 27″ I5 iMac, I am in awe of what great lead­er­ship can do. To say that I am inspired by Steve Jobs leaves it a little short.

So this year I’ll add Octo­ber the 5th to my Mac cal­en­dar, next to Janu­ary 24th, 1985, as a key date in my cal­en­dar. I’ll remem­ber and be inspired by Steve’s words and actions as a great lead­er, a great busi­ness­man, and a great per­son. I’ll try to make my life a little sim­pler and a little clear­er, fol­low­ing his lead, and I’ll say “Thanks for everything, Steve. We’ll miss you!”.

Doug Nix – Macin­tosh Evan­gelista
[email protected]

3 thoughts on “Bye, Steve. Thanks for everything!

  1. Thanks for the post. I was one of Guy’s ori­gin­al 50 on the list. I was always con­fused why I was added to the list – but I was an act­ive par­ti­cipant. It was one of the first times I recog­nized the power of the swarm. I actu­ally had lunch with Guy about 8 months ago and he could not tell me – but we had a good con­ver­sa­tion about that.

    1. Dear drtax­s­acto,

      Thanks for the com­ment! Always good to con­nect with anoth­er Evan­gelista! Hey, maybe you can help me: I’m look­ing for a good qual­ity copy of the the Evan­geLista logo (see my sig­na­ture on the post). The one I have is a small GIF. Ideally I’d like to find an AI format file, but even a hi-res jpg or png would be bet­ter than what I have…

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