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Why I wear a Poppy on 11-Nov

Canadian Veteran's PoppyIn a recent art­icle in the Inde­pend­ent, Robert Fisk writes that the poppy has become noth­ing more than a fash­ion state­ment in the UK. Merely a way to show that you are Brit­ish, or to score points with the boss, or to make a polit­ic­al state­ment. He believes that wear­ing a poppy on 11-Nov mocks our war dead. He says that he does­n’t wear the poppy because he is not ‘worthy’ of wear­ing it. This makes me deeply sad. I don’t think that this is true in Canada, and I know that this is not the case for me.

I have not lost any­one in my fam­ily to war. I am not pro-mil­it­ary, but I under­stand why we must defend ourselves with leth­al force at times. I believe that every­one who chooses a career in the Forces makes a major sac­ri­fice for me and for every oth­er Cana­dian who does not serve, and I sup­port our troops in the work that they do. I believe that they are vital in ensur­ing that Canada can con­tin­ue to exist and provide peace­ful lead­er­ship in the world.

I wear a poppy on Remem­brance Day because I care deeply about the people involved. I care about every­one killed in these great con­flicts, not just our cas­u­al­ties, but those against whom we fought, and the civil­ians whose lives were des­troyed because of these con­flicts. War is a waste. The vet­er­ans that I’ve met all want one thing: an end to war. So for me, the Poppy and Remem­brance Day is about the people. It’s not about WHY we went to war. It’s not about the vera­city of the reas­ons cited by our lead­ers. It’s about the cour­age of those that serve. Those that put them­selves in harm’s way. It’s about remem­ber­ing the loss. It’s about remem­ber­ing the sense­less­ness of war. It’s about choos­ing peace before arms. It’s about end­ing war.

That’s why I wear the Poppy, and it’s why Robert Fisk can write the things he writes. Today, I Remember.

3 thoughts on “Why I wear a Poppy on 11-Nov

  1. Very nice Doug, wear your poppy proudly! Thanks to all who serve in the name of peace.

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