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Emergency stop devices: the risks of installer liability

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On the MachineBuilding.net blog today, Alex D’Arcy, Sales Dir­ect­or at Hylec-APL provides some inter­est­ing insights into the liab­il­it­ies asso­ci­ated with the install­a­tion of emer­gency stop devices on machinery. Hylec-APL provides tech­nic­al products and solu­tions in the field of indus­tri­al machinery and emer­gency stop sys­tems. Check out Alex’s art­icle.

If you need to know more about the tech­nic­al design side of emer­gency stop sys­tems, there are a num­ber of tech­nic­al art­icles on the top­ic on this blog.

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