Five things you need to know about CE Marked Wire and Cable

Last updated on August 28th, 2022 at 10:29 am

A wire is a simple product, right? Maybe not! Here are the top five things to know when selecting wire and cable products for use in designs that will be CE Marked:

The HAR Mark, a left pointing triangle, the capital letters HAR, and a right pointing triangle, is used by some wire and cable manufacturers to show that their products conform to the EU HD documents for these product.
The HAR Mark
  1. Wire and cable products sold in the EU must be CE Marked under the Low Voltage Directive and MAY bear BOTH the CE Mark and the <HAR> mark. The <HAR> mark may only be applied by manufacturers that have met the requirements for using the <HAR> mark. Read more about the HAR mark on the EEPCA website.
  2. The HD 21.X and HD 22.X Harmonization Documents previously used for determining compliance and applying the CE Mark are being replaced by the EN 50525.X family of standards starting on 2014-01-17. See the list.
  3. Wire and Cable products with Declarations of Conformity that refer to older versions of the Low Voltage Directive or HD documents that have been superseded are NO LONGER COMPLIANT.
  4. Wire and Cable products used in large-scale machine tools and fixed installations do not need to meet WEEE requirements.
  5. Designers are not required to use CE Marked wire and cable products in CE Marked Products.

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