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Public Review: CSA Z1006 Management of Work in Confined Spaces.

CSA Z1006 Man­age­ment of Work in Con­fined Spaces  is now avail­able for Pub­lic Review. 

As new stand­ards are developed, and exist­ing stand­ards are revised, they are made avail­able for pub­lic review and com­ment. If you are inter­ested in Con­fined Space Entry, and would like an oppor­tun­ity to review the pro­posed changes to the stand­ard, read on!

Man­age­ment of work in con­fined spaces, New Edi­tion | CSA Pub­lic Review System

This Stand­ard spe­cifies require­ments for and provides guid­ance on the activ­it­ies required to man­age all aspects of work in con­fined spaces in accord­ance with the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle and man­age­ment sys­tem prin­ciples such as those set out in CSA Z1000-15, Occu­pa­tion­al health and safety man­age­ment. This Stand­ard spe­cifies require­ments con­cern­ing man­age­ment com­mit­ment, lead­er­ship, and par­ti­cip­a­tion, assign­ment of roles and respons­ib­il­it­ies, iden­ti­fic­a­tion of con­fined spaces, iden­ti­fic­a­tion of haz­ards, risk assess­ment, selec­tion and applic­a­tion of con­trols, design con­sid­er­a­tions, train­ing, mon­it­or­ing and meas­ure­ment, emer­gency response, doc­u­ment­a­tion, intern­al audits, and man­age­ment reviews.

Five inform­at­ive Annexes provide guid­ance on imple­ment­ing this Standard’s norm­at­ive require­ments, includ­ing sample forms that can be cus­tom­ized for the spe­cif­ic needs of the user.

This Stand­ard provides:

(a)   An over­view of the steps an organ­iz­a­tion needs to take to estab­lish and main­tain an effect­ive con­fined space man­age­ment program;

(b)   Safety inform­a­tion for work­ers enter­ing con­fined spaces and for per­sons respons­ible for ensur­ing the safety of such work­ers; and

(c)   Require­ments for con­fined space emer­gency pre­pared­ness and rescue.

Clause 4 spe­cifies gen­er­al require­ments for a com­pre­hens­ive con­fined space man­age­ment program.

Clauses 5 to 8 spe­cify require­ments for plan­ning and imple­ment­ing a con­fined space man­age­ment pro­gram. Clause 5 spe­cifies roles and respons­ib­il­it­ies. Clause 6 spe­cifies require­ments for haz­ard iden­ti­fic­a­tion and risk assess­ment, devel­op­ment of entry pro­ced­ures, emer­gency response plan­ning, and assess­ment of work­er cap­ab­il­ity for per­form­ing assigned duties with­in a con­fined space. Clause 7 spe­cifies require­ments related to train­ing, Clause 8 spe­cifies require­ments related to con­trols, emer­gency response activ­it­ies, and documentation.

Clauses 9 and 10 spe­cify require­ments related to incid­ent invest­ig­a­tion and ana­lys­is, cor­rect­ive actions, intern­al audits, and man­age­ment reviews. These activ­it­ies can help ensure work­er safety and facil­it­ate con­tinu­al improve­ment of a con­fined space man­age­ment program.

Changes in this edi­tion include:

a)    Improved flow and read­ab­il­ity of the doc­u­ment with the inclu­sion of addi­tion­al flow­charts and tables and restruc­tur­ing of con­tent and clauses;

b)    Added two addi­tion­al inform­at­ive Annexes to elab­or­ate and provide addi­tion­al inform­a­tion on res­cue plan­ning and atmo­spher­ic test­ing, mon­it­or­ing and instrumentation;

c)    Updated the doc­u­ment to har­mon­ize with CSA Z1000, Z1001 and Z1002; and

d)    Elab­or­ated on the inform­a­tion on work­space design and modification.

Use the fol­low­ing link to access the draft stand­ard and com­ment on any issues you may see in the doc­u­ment: Man­age­ment of work in con­fined spaces, New Edi­tion | CSA Pub­lic Review System

Thanks to Jill Collins at CSA Group for this notification.

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