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Workplace Risk Assessment – CSA Z1002: Love it, Hate it, Tweak it

CSA Z1002 CoverThe CSA Z1002 TC Needs to Know: Love it, Hate it, Tweak it?

We need to know: Do you Love CSA Z1002? Hate CSA Z1002? Does it need some tweaking?

The First of Its Kind

In 2012, CSA pub­lished the first OHS Risk Assess­ment Stand­ard of its kind: CSA Z1002, Occu­pa­tion­al health and safety — Haz­ard iden­ti­fic­a­tion and elim­in­a­tion and risk assess­ment and con­trol. This stand­ard has been in use in Cana­dian work­places for four years now, and the Tech­nic­al Com­mit­tee is con­sid­er­ing the need for updates and improve­ments to this import­ant standard.

Key to the Z1000 Family

Z1002 is a key mem­ber of the Z1000 OHS Man­age­ment Sys­tem fam­ily of stand­ards because it provides a cent­ral tool used in all of the oth­er stand­ards: Risk Assess­ment. Because it holds this cent­ral role, it’s import­ant that it work smoothly and effect­ively, provid­ing the kind of inform­a­tion that all of the oth­er stand­ards need to do their parts in redu­cing work­place risk.

The ori­gins of Z1002 come from the machinery safety world where risk assess­ment is well developed, but the meth­ods presen­ted were broadened to allow their use in many oth­er areas. Were they broadened enough? Could they be improved? These are import­ant questions!

Influencing Other Standards

Shop Floor Hazard Identification
Shop Floor Inspection

The Sig­ni­fic­ance of Z1002 in the Z1000 fam­ily has giv­en it addi­tion­al influ­ence in oth­er CSA OHS stand­ards, includ­ing CSA Z432 Safe­guard­ing of Machinery, CSA W117.2 Safety in Weld­ing, Cut­ting, and Allied Pro­cesses, and even in CSA Z614 Children’s Playspaces and Equip­ment! This kind of influ­ence puts even great­er pres­sure on the stand­ard, and the Tech­nic­al Com­mit­tee, to provide the kind of sol­id, reli­able guid­ance needed.

The Second Edition

In order for the Tech­nic­al Com­mit­tee to move on to revis­ing the stand­ard and pro­du­cing a Second Edi­tion, we need input from the user com­munity. We have heard a bit from some users, but we really want to hear from YOU. CSA has cre­ated a very brief sur­vey that you can take to let the TC know how you are using the stand­ard, if it’s doing the job for you, and what you think needs trash­ing, pol­ish­ing, or tweak­ing. We REALLY want to hear from you, so please, take a few minutes and answer the sur­vey! You’ll feel all warm and fuzzy because you did, and we’ll get some good ideas about what to do with the future edi­tion of Z1002! Sound like a good deal? I thought so!

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