Workplace Risk Assessment – CSA Z1002: Love it, Hate it, Tweak it

Last updated on August 27th, 2022 at 05:37 pm

The CSA Z1002 TC Needs to Know:?Love it, Hate it, Tweak it?

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We need to know: Do you Love CSA Z1002? Hate CSA Z1002? Does it need some tweaking?

The First of Its Kind

In 2012, CSA published the first OHS Risk Assessment Standard of its kind: CSA Z1002, Occupational health and safety — Hazard identification and elimination and risk assessment and control. This standard has been in use in Canadian workplaces for four years now, and the Technical Committee is considering the need for updates and improvements to this important standard.

Key to the Z1000 Family

CSA Z1002 is a key member of the CSA Z1000 OHS Management System family of standards because it provides a central tool in all the other standards in the series: Risk Assessment. Because it holds this central role, it must work smoothly and effectively, providing the information that all other standards need to do their part in reducing workplace risk.

Update 2022-08-27: The technical committee reaffirmed the standard at the end of the first five years. A new revision cycle has been proposed, and now the committee is waiting to receive funding from CALOSH; the group provides funding for standards development at CSA.

During the intervening years, CSA Z1000 has been superseded by CSA Z45001 [1], the Canadian adoption of ISO 45001 [2]. While CSA Z1000 has not yet been withdrawn, it’s unlikely to see future revisions, leading to eventual withdrawal.

The origins of Z1002 come from the machinery safety world, where risk assessment is well developed, but the methods presented were broadened to allow their use in many other areas. Were they broadened enough? Could they be improved? These are important questions!

Influencing Other Standards

Shop Floor Hazard Identification
Shop Floor Inspection

The Significance of Z1002 in the Z1000 family has given it additional influence in other CSA OHS standards, including CSA Z432 Safeguarding of Machinery, CSA W117.2 Safety in Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes, and even in CSA Z614 — Children’s Playspaces and Equipment! This kind of influence puts even greater pressure on the standard, and the Technical Committee, to provide the kind of solid, reliable guidance needed.

The Second Edition

For the Technical Committee to move on to revising the standard and producing a Second Edition, we need input from the user community. We have heard a bit from some users, but we want to hear from YOU. CSA has created a very brief survey that you can take to let the TC know how you are using the standard if it’s doing the job for you, and what you think needs trashing, polishing, or tweaking. We want to hear from you, so please, take a few minutes and answer the survey! You’ll feel warm and fuzzy because you did, and we’ll get some good ideas about what to do with the future edition of Z1002! Sound like a good deal? I thought so!

Got questions about this? You can always contact me at [email protected].


[1] Occupational health and safety management systems — Requirements with guidance for use (Adopted ISO 45001:2018, first edition, 2018-03, with Canadian deviations), CSA Z45001. Canadian Stanards Association (CSA). 2019.

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