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New CSA Standard for Machinery Electrical Equipment

Electrical Equipment of Machinery

Machinery electrical equipment
Indus­tri­al elec­tric­al con­trol panels

Most mod­ern machinery is con­trolled elec­tric­ally, or elec­tron­ic­ally. There are a num­ber of stand­ards that apply to the design of con­trol sys­tems for machinery, with IEC 60204 – 1 and it’s EN equi­val­ent, along with IEC 61439 – 1 and IEC 61439 – 2 as the pre­dom­in­ant stand­ards inter­na­tion­ally, and NFPA 79 as the pre­dom­in­ant stand­ard in the US and Canada. Until now.

CSA C22.2 No. 301, Industrial Electrical Machinery

In 2014, a pro­ject was star­ted to devel­op a new Cana­dian Elec­tric­al Code Part 2 stand­ard focused on the elec­tric­al equip­ment of machines. There were already two Part 2 stand­ards in exist­ence that covered Indus­tri­al Con­trol pan­els, but not spe­cific­ally con­trols asso­ci­ated with machinery: CSA C22.2 No. 14, Indus­tri­al Con­trol Equip­ment, and CSA C22.2 No. 286, Indus­tri­al con­trol pan­els and assem­blies.

This new stand­ard, entitled “Indus­tri­al Elec­tric­al Machinery”, is aimed at the same types of equip­ment covered by NFPA 79 and IEC 60204 – 1. Here’s the scope of the new standard:

1 Scope


This stand­ard applies to inter­con­nec­ted mech­an­ic­al sys­tems of indus­tri­al elec­tric­al and elec­tron­ic equip­ment oper­at­ing in a coördin­ated manner.


This stand­ard applies to equip­ment rated at not more than 1000 V inten­ded to be installed and used in non-haz­ard­ous loc­a­tions in accord­ance with the rules of the Cana­dian Elec­tric­al Code, Part I.


This stand­ard applies to equip­ment that is:

  • per­man­ently installed
  • mobile
  • relo­cat­able, or
  • self powered.


The indus­tri­al equip­ment covered by this Stand­ard is inten­ded for use in an ambi­ent tem­per­at­ure of 0 °C to 40 °C.


This stand­ard does not spe­cify addi­tion­al and spe­cial require­ments that can apply to elec­tric­al equip­ment that:

  • is inten­ded for use in open air (i.e. out­side build­ings or oth­er pro­tect­ive structures);
  • will use, pro­cess, or pro­duce poten­tially explos­ive mater­i­al (for example paint or sawdust);
  • is inten­ded for use in poten­tially explos­ive and/or flam­mable atmospheres;
  • has spe­cial risks when pro­du­cing or using cer­tain materials;
  • is inten­ded for use in mines


This stand­ard does not apply to equip­ment port­able by hand while working


This stand­ard does not apply to self-pro­pelled work platforms


This stand­ard does not spe­cify addi­tion­al and spe­cial require­ments that can apply to elec­tric­al weld­ing equip­ment with­in the scope of CSA C22.2 No. 60 or CSA/CAN E60974‑1


This stand­ard may be used to sup­ple­ment but does not replace require­ments that already exist in a pub­lished CSA com­pon­ent standard

If you are inter­ested in see­ing the rest of this stand­ard before it’s pub­lished, you’re in luck! It’s avail­able on CSA’s Pub­lic Review site until 6‑Aug-16. You can read and com­ment on the doc­u­ment using that sys­tem, and all of your com­ments will be reviewed and dealt with by the task group that cre­ated the doc­u­ment. If you are not already registered there, you will have to set up a free account, but that only takes a couple of minutes to do. That also gives you access to all of the oth­er stand­ards that are out for pub­lic review, so if your interests are broad­er than just elec­tric­al or machinery, you can have a look at any of the oth­ers as well.

Is No. 301 needed?

I ques­tion the need for this stand­ard, as I believe that the exist­ing stand­ards already cov­er this type of machinery more than adequately and that all CSA needed to do was adopt IEC 60204 – 1 and IEC 61439, how­ever, at this point, I am one lone voice.

If you agree with me, please make your voice heard through CSA’s Pub­lic Review sys­tem. On the oth­er hand, if you like what the doc­u­ment is about, then please sup­port it.

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2 thoughts on “New CSA Standard for Machinery Electrical Equipment

    1. #301 was approved by the TC and is now the stand­ard for the elec­tric­al equip­ment of machines in Canada. There were too few neg­at­ive com­ments to pre­vent the stand­ard from progressing.

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