Problems with our websites

Figure holding a large red wrenchApologies

Just a quick note to all our readers to explain the outages we’ve been having.

First, I apologize for the downtime and sporadic outages you’ve probably experienced. We tried and failed to avoid those issues, but we think everything is sorted out now.

Moving house is never easy

Newspaper showing "EPIC FAIL" headline

We outgrew the capabilities of our former service provider’s hosting package in the last few months. Our issues started slowly, with occasional unexplained outages, and worsened. After finding that we were getting abysmal tech support from the people we had been working with for a decade, we decided to cut the old provider off and move to another well-reviewed Canadian provider.

In the last ten days, we have had some issues crop up through the migration process, but now we think we have everything fixed. The new server is running faster and better than anything we’ve had before, and “fingers crossed,” nothing else will come up for a while.

Secure services, faster server

Both and should now be served automatically from our HTTPS secure service, so let us know if you see any problems crop up.

Thanks for sticking with us through this! We have another new article in the ISO 13849-1 analysis series publishing soon, so stay tuned!

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