Brexit is such a waste

This morning I read news of the tests that the May Government plans to use when assessing the Brexit deal they are trying to negotiate with the EU.

The @CommonsEUexit report on the UK/EU future relationship has just been published. Here are its “key tests” for judging a future deal. Full text of the report here –

Steve Peers (@StevePeers) April 3, 2018
A screenshot of the UK Parliament website showing the table of contents for the "Future UK-EU relationship" discussion.
UK Parliamentary website

If you scroll down through the tests, you will discover that the UK doesn’t want anything to change, including CE Marking, a fundamental part of the EU Single Market. Donald Tusk has made it very clear that the UK will not have access to the single market after Brexit, so the items relating to regulatory harmonization are traps that will almost certainly cause rejection of the deal.

Further down, you will also see that May does not want to lose the freedom of movement of people or money. If you know anything about the EU, you probably know that the three pillars of the EU are the freedom of movement of:

  • People
  • Goods
  • Capital

The tests show that the UK hopes to keep all of these, which begs the question, why leave at all? The UK already has all the items in the tests as a member of the EU. These are granted as part of membership. The costs associated with maintaining this charade are astronomical, while staying in the union provides significant benefits and relatively few costs.

Isn’t it time for Prime Minister May and her government?to give up this game and admit that Brexit is a bad deal for the UK and that continued membership is the best way forward?

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