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Brexit is such a waste

This morn­ing I read news of the tests that the May Gov­ern­ment plans to use when assess­ing the Brexit deal they are try­ing to nego­ti­ate with the EU.

If you scroll down through the tests you will dis­cov­er that the UK really does­n’t want any­thing to change, includ­ing CE Mark­ing, a fun­da­ment­al part of the EU Single Mar­ket. Don­ald Tusk has made it very clear that the UK will not have access to the single mar­ket after Brexit, so the items relat­ing to reg­u­lat­ory har­mon­isa­tion are traps that will almost cer­tainly cause rejec­tion of the deal.

Fur­ther down, you will also see that May does not want to lose the free­dom of move­ment of people or money. If you know any­thing about the EU, you prob­ably know that the three pil­lars of the EU are the free­dom of move­ment of:

  • People
  • Goods
  • Cap­it­al

The tests show that the UK hopes to keep all of these, which begs the ques­tion, why leave at all? The UK already has all the items in the tests as a mem­ber of the EU. These are gran­ted as part of mem­ber­ship. The costs asso­ci­ated with main­tain­ing this charade are astro­nom­ic­al while stay­ing in the uni­on provides sig­ni­fic­ant bene­fits and rel­at­ively few costs.

Isn’t it time for Prime Min­is­ter May and her gov­ern­ment to give up this game and admit that Brexit is a bad deal for the UK, and that con­tin­ued mem­ber­ship is the best way forward?

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