Brexit is such a waste

Brexit: UK and EU Flags against a blue sky

This morn­ing I read news of the tests that the May Gov­ern­ment plans to use when assess­ing the Brexit deal they are try­ing to nego­ti­ate with the EU.

If you scroll down through the tests you will dis­cov­er that the UK really doesn’t want any­thing to change, includ­ing CE Mark­ing, a fun­da­ment­al part of the EU Single Mar­ket. Don­ald Tusk has made it very clear that the UK will not have access to the single mar­ket after Brexit, so the items relat­ing to reg­u­lat­ory har­mon­isa­tion are traps that will almost cer­tainly cause rejec­tion of the deal.

Fur­ther down, you will also see that May does not want to lose the free­dom of move­ment of people or money. If you know any­thing about the EU, you prob­ably know that the three pil­lars of the EU are the free­dom of move­ment of:

  • People
  • Goods
  • Cap­it­al

The tests show that the UK hopes to keep all of these, which begs the ques­tion, why leave at all? The UK already has all the items in the tests as a mem­ber of the EU. These are gran­ted as part of mem­ber­ship. The costs asso­ci­ated with main­tain­ing this charade are astro­nom­ic­al while stay­ing in the uni­on provides sig­ni­fic­ant bene­fits and rel­at­ively few costs.

Isn’t it time for Prime Min­is­ter May and her gov­ern­ment to give up this game and admit that Brexit is a bad deal for the UK, and that con­tin­ued mem­ber­ship is the best way for­ward?

Author: Doug Nix

Doug Nix is Managing Director and Principal Consultant at Compliance InSight Consulting, Inc. ( in Kitchener, Ontario, and is Lead Author and Senior Editor of the Machinery Safety 101 blog. Doug's work includes teaching machinery risk assessment techniques privately and through Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Kitchener, Ontario, as well as providing technical services and training programs to clients related to risk assessment, industrial machinery safety, safety-related control system integration and reliability, laser safety and regulatory conformity. For more see Doug's LinkedIn profile.