ISO/DIS 13849-1 Available for Public Review

Update 2020-10-11: The next three-day ISO/TC 199/WG8 meeting runs Tuesday-Thursday this week. Our committee members will be wading into the next 1 600 comments along with expert members from around the world. We’ll update you again as the changes get closer.

Update 2020-09-29: Over 1 920 (!!) comments were received by the committee during the DIS review process, which is a record number in my experience. The Working Group has two more meetings scheduled between now and the end of 2020 to complete the resolution process. Since there were so many comments on the DIS, the decision was taken to release a second DIS for review early in the new year. This is somewhat unusual but not unheard of when significant technical changes are made to a draft at this stage. The target publication for the final document has not been changed at this point, with the publication of the fourth edition expected in May 2021. When the new DIS is released for review, I will publish an update here so that you can have a look. Expect that in late December 2020 or January 2021. – DN

Update 2020-09-21: ISO/DIS 13849-1 was made available for public review on 2020-06-07; public review is now closed. -DN

Public Review

If you are unfamiliar with ISO lingo, the “DIS” in the number stands for “Draft International Standard.” When an ISO document reaches this stage, it is made available to the general public for review and comment through their National Body’s Public Review Portal. For this draft, all comments must be received by 2020-08-01.

This is your chance to preview what is coming when the next edition of ISO 13849-1 is published in April 2021, so if this is a standard that matters to you, now is your chance!

To review the document in Canada, visit the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) to use the portal since I’m in Canada. You’ll need to visit the National Standards Body for your country to do this. If you’re unsure what your National Body is, visit to find out.

The SCC Public Review Portal

Here’s how to get to the SCC Public Review Portal. If you are in a country other than Canada, you must visit your National Standards Body’s website instead of SCC. Here’s a list of all the ISO Member Bodies where you can look up your National Standards Body.

Step 1: Go to

Point your browser at

The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) homepage on 2020-06-07. This page is the starting point for navigation to the public review portal for Canadians.

Step 2: Find the Public Review Portal

Pull down the “Standards” menu on the dark blue menu bar, then select “Participate in Standards.” That will take you to

The SCC homepage showing the "Standards" menu pulled down to reveal the menu selections.

Click on “Comment on draft standards” in the left-hand menu.

The SCC "Participate in standards development" page.

Step 3: Pick “Draft ISO standards open for comment”

In the screenshot below, the red box and arrow show the correct link. This will take you to

The SCC "Comment on draft standards" page with the link to the ISO commenting portal shown with a red box surrounding it and an arrow pointing to the box to highlight it.

Step 4: Find the document in the list

Start by typing “ISO/DIS 13849-1” in the search box, and select the “standard” radio button above the search box.

The SCC/ISO Online Browsing Platform page with the search box shown. "ISO/DIS 13849-1" has been typed in the search box, and the "Standards" radio button has been selected.

After you click the magnifying glass button to start the search, you should see a list of standards like that shown below. ISO/DIS 13849-1 is at the top of the list. Click on the green “Comment” button to access the document.

The OBP search results, with ISO/DIS 13849-1 shown at the top of the list. The document has a red box drawn around it to highlight it, and a red arrow is pointing at the green "Comment" button on the right of the screen.

Step 5: Read and Review

You may have to create an account before you are granted access if you don’t already have one. Account login is required because SCC has to provide verified comments to ISO, so they need to know who you are. They may also need to reach out to you to clarify your comments.

Log in, and you can now read through the draft and leave comments using the commenting tool. There is a button below each section of the document that you can click to log a comment. I’ve highlighted that with a box and an arrow below. It’s very important to provide a specific proposal for a change. If you leave the change field empty, your comment will either be rejected or simply “Noted,” with no further action.

All comments are due by 2020-08-01. Your comments will be sent to ISO/TC 199 at the end of the commenting period.

The OBP page for ISO/DIS 13849-1, showing the Foreword and the first few lines of the Introduction. A red box has been drawn around the "Comment" button below the Foreword, and a red arrow is pointing at the button to show readers where to click to leave a comment.

So that’s it. Public review of standards is an important part of the process and one which everyone who uses standards in their work should participate in whenever they can. Watch for the publication of ISO 13849-1:2021 in late April or May 2021.

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