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ISO/DIS 13849 – 1 Available for Public Review

Update 2020-10-11: The next three-day ISO/TC 199/WG8 meet­ing runs Tues­day-Thursday this week. Our com­mit­tee mem­bers will be wad­ing into the next 1 600 com­ments along with expert mem­bers from around the world. We’ll update you again as the changes get closer.

Update 2020-09-29: Over 1 920 (!!) com­ments were received by the com­mit­tee from the DIS review pro­cess which is a record num­ber in my exper­i­ence. The Work­ing Group has two more meet­ings sched­uled between now and the end of 2020 to com­plete the res­ol­u­tion pro­cess. Since there were so many com­ments on the DIS, the decision was taken to release a second DIS for review early in the new year. This is some­what unusu­al, but not unheard of when there are sig­ni­fic­ant tech­nic­al changes made to a draft at this stage. The tar­get pub­lic­a­tion for the final doc­u­ment has not been changed at this point, with the pub­lic­a­tion of the fourth edi­tion expec­ted in May 2021. When the new DIS is released for review I will pub­lish an update here so that you can have a look. Expect that in late Decem­ber 2020 or Janu­ary 2021. – DN

Update 2020-09-21: ISO/DIS 13849 – 1 was made avail­able for pub­lic review on 2020-06-07, pub­lic review is now closed. -DN

Public Review

If you are not famil­i­ar with ISO lingo, the “DIS” in the num­ber stands for “Draft Inter­na­tion­al Stand­ard.” When an ISO doc­u­ment reaches this stage, the doc­u­ment is made avail­able to the gen­er­al pub­lic for review and com­ment through their Nation­al Body’s Pub­lic Review Portal. For this draft, all com­ments must be received by 2020-08-01.

This is your chance to get a pre­view of what is com­ing when the next edi­tion of ISO 13849 – 1 is pub­lished in April-2021, so if this is a stand­ard that mat­ters to you, now is your chance!

To review the doc­u­ment, and since I’m in Canada, I need to vis­it the Stand­ards Coun­cil of Canada (SCC) to use the portal. You’ll need to vis­it the Nation­al Stand­ards Body for your coun­try to do this. If you’re not sure what your Nation­al Body is, vis­it to find out.

The SCC Public Review Portal

Here’s how to get to the SCC Pub­lic Review Portal. If you are loc­ated in a coun­try oth­er than Canada, you must go to your Nation­al Stand­ards Body’s web­site instead of SCC. Here’s a list of all of the ISO Mem­ber Bod­ies where you can look up your Nation­al Stand­ards Body.

Step 1: Go to

Point your browser at

The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) homepage on 2020-06-07. This page is the starting point for navigation to the public review portal for Canadians.

Step 2: Find the Public Review Portal

Pull down the “Stand­ards” menu on the dark blue menu bar, then select “Par­ti­cip­ate in Stand­ards.” That will take you to

The SCC homepage showing the "Standards" menu pulled down to reveal the menu selections.

Click on “Com­ment on draft stand­ards” in the left-hand menu.

The SCC "Participate in standards development" page.

Step 3: Pick “Draft ISO standards open for comment”

In the screen­shot below, the red box and arrow show the cor­rect link. This will take you to

The SCC "Comment on draft standards" page with the link to the ISO commenting portal shown with a red box surrounding it and an arrow pointing to the box to highlight it.

Step 4: Find the document in the list

Start by typ­ing “ISO/DIS 13849 – 1” in the search box, and select the “stand­ard” radio but­ton above the search box.

The SCC/ISO Online Browsing Platform page with the search box shown. "ISO/DIS 13849-1" has been typed in the search box, and the "Standards" radio button has been selected.

After you click the mag­ni­fy­ing glass but­ton to start the search, you should see a list of stand­ards like that shown below. ISO/DIS 13849 – 1 is at the top of the list. Click on the green “Com­ment” but­ton to get access to the document.

The OBP search results, with ISO/DIS 13849-1 shown at the top of the list. The document has a red box drawn around it to highlight it, and a red arrow is pointing at the green "Comment" button on the right of the screen.

Step 5: Read and Review

You may have to cre­ate an account before you are gran­ted access if you don’t already have one. An account login is required because SCC has to provide veri­fied com­ments to ISO, and so they need to know who you are. They may also need to reach out to you for cla­ri­fic­a­tion of your comments.

Log in, and you can now read through the draft and leave com­ments using the com­ment­ing tool. There is a but­ton below each sec­tion of the doc­u­ment that you can click to log a com­ment. I’ve high­lighted that with a box and an arrow below. It’s very import­ant to provide a spe­cif­ic pro­pos­al for a change. If you leave the change field empty, your com­ment will either be rejec­ted, or simply “Noted”, with no fur­ther action taken.

All com­ments are due by 2020-08-01. Your com­ments will be sent to ISO/TC 199 at the end of the com­ment­ing period.

The OBP page for ISO/DIS 13849-1, showing the Foreword and the first few lines of the Introduction. A red box has been drawn around the "Comment" button below the Foreword, and a red arrow is pointing at the button to show readers where to click to leave a comment.

So that’s it. Pub­lic review of stand­ards is an import­ant part of the pro­cess, and one which every­one who uses stand­ards in their work should par­ti­cip­ate in whenev­er they can. Watch for the pub­lic­a­tion of ISO 13849 – 1:2021 in late April or dur­ing May 2021.

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