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AntennaSys tests the iPhone 4…

Are you an Apple fan? An iPhone fan? Here’s an art­icle on an inde­pend­ent test on the iPhone 4 by Anten­naSys that may interest you…

You may also be inter­ested in this IEEE pod­cast with one of the prin­ciples at Anten­naSys, Spen­cer Webb

Inside Apple’s EMC Lab

Mac­world was invited inside Apple’s once-secret EMC test lab for a tour – the first time journ­al­ists have been per­mit­ted into this area. This art­icle looks at what Apple does to make sure their products meet EMC design require­ments. Test­ing indus­tri­al equip­ment is often sim­pler that this, and you don’t need to buy your own labs to do it. Are your machine designs com­pli­ant? Would you know if they

Why Conventional EMC Testing is Insufficient for Functional Safety

At the recent PSES Sym­posi­um, I atten­ded a couple of inter­est­ing work­shops on EMC and Func­tion­al Safety. One was called “Work­shop on EMC & Func­tion­al Safety” presen­ted by Keith Arm­strong, Bill Radasky and Jacques Delaballe. The oth­er was a paper present­a­tion called “Why Con­ven­tion­al EMC Test­ing is Insuf­fi­cient for Func­tion­al Safety” presen­ted by Keith Armstrong. 

For read­ers who are new to the idea of Func­tion­al Safety, this field deals

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