Problems with our websites

Figure holding a large red wrench

Apologies Just a quick note to all our readers to explain the outages we’ve been having. First, I apologize for the downtime and sporadic outages you’ve probably experienced. We tried and failed to avoid those issues, but we think everything is sorted out now. Moving house is never easy We outgrew the capabilities of our…

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A Note about Our Travel Policy

We believe travel gives us a broad perspective both personally and professionally. Our focus is global. Our ethical position is clear; we believe in the health and safety of ALL people. We believe in the power of scientific data and in the power of connecting with others globally, so we might learn from one another.

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Get the Basics Right! New training courses

People in a training class, listening to an instructor

For over 15 years, I’ve taught people about risk assessment, machinery safety and CE Marking of machinery in private, onsite classes and through presentations at safety conferences. Things are about to change! We are introducing new training courses! This fall, Compliance InSight Consulting will begin offering open-enrolment workshops in CE Marking, Risk Assessment Functional Safety,…

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How to become Instantly Incompetent

Many engineers and designers fall into a really simple trap that makes them instantly incompetent. These are not stupid people. They have the qualifications, so what is it that can catch someone out this badly? It’s called “complacency.” Complacency is that state we all get into from time to time where we feel like we know what’s going…

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Hockey Teams and Risk Reduction or What Makes Roberto Luongo = PPE

Canucks Hockey Flag

Special Co-Author, Tom Doyle Last week we saw the Boston Bruins earn the Stanley Cup. I was rooting for the green, blue and white, and the ruin of my voice on Thursday was ample evidence that no amount of cheering helped. While watching the game with friends and colleagues, I realized that Roberto Luongo and…

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