Ontario OHSA turns 43

Headline, the Toronto Telegram, March 18, 1960. "It was a Hell-Hole."

The Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) turns 43 today. For many workers, this important legislation came into force long before they were born, but some workers will remember the days before this important Act came into force. The Act came into force in 1979, but Ontario had a long history of labour-safety-related workplace…

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EU Machinery Directive Public Review

Rule books stacked up on a table in a library.

If you ship machinery products to the EU the Machinery Directive affects you. You have a chance to contribute to the review of this document.

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1 Million Views!

1,000,000 views! Today marks a fantastic milestone for the Machinery Safety 101 blog – 1,000,000 views! When I started writing this blog back in October 2008, I had high hopes that a few dozens, or perhaps as many as 1 000 people would find my articles interesting enough to spend some time reading. Never in…

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Five reasons you should attend our Free Safety Talks

Banner for the Free Safety Talks

Reason #1 – Free Safety Talks You can’t argue with Free Stuff! Last week we partnered with Schmersal Canada and Franklin Empire to put on three days of Free Safety Talks. We had full houses in all three locations, Windsor, London and Cambridge, with nearly 60 people participating. We had two great presenters who helped…

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Brexit is such a waste

Brexit: UK and EU Flags against a blue sky

This morning I read news of the tests that the May Government plans to use when assessing the Brexit deal they are trying to negotiate with the EU. The @CommonsEUexit report on the UK/EU future relationship has just been published. Here are its “key tests” for judging a future deal. Full text of the report…

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