New Seminar – Product Compliance in Europe – CE Marking Requirements

If you do busi­ness in the European Union, you know that CE mark­ing products for sale in the EU and EEC coun­tries is required. These require­ments change as the legis­la­tion and stand­ards are updated, mak­ing the CE Marking task a chal­len­ging one.

GlobalNorm GmbHCompliance InSight Consulting has partnered with GlobalNorm GmbH and the Canadian German Chamber of Commerce to present a sem­in­ar on the cur­rent CE Marking require­ments and how those require­ments com­pare with North American con­form­ity assess­ment require­ments.

The sem­in­ar will be held on 4-​Feb-​11 at the Canadian German Chamber of Commerce in Toronto. The event will run from 8:45 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Tickets include lunch and a morn­ing break.

If you are a mem­ber of the Canadian German Chamber of com­merce, tick­ets are $150 each includ­ing HST. Non-​member tick­ets are $175 ea includ­ing HST.


Picture of Michael LoerzerDipl.-Ing. Michael Loerzer

Vice President & CEO, Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Globalnorm GmbH
Berlin, Germany

Mr. Loerzer is Chairman of the Product Conformity Group (DIN ANP German Committee of Standards Users).

Mr. Loerzer has presen­ted many con­fer­ence papers in EMC, safety and radio spec­trum mat­ters in the past and holds sem­inars and work­shops for dif­fer­ent organ­izers. His spe­cial com­pet­ence is the glob­al reg­u­lat­ory com­pli­ance require­ments.

Picture of Doug NixMr. Doug Nix, A.Sc.T.

Managing Director,
Compliance Insight Consulting Inc.
Kitchener, Ontario

Mr. Nix’s back­ground spans more than 20 years of engin­eer­ing tech­no­logy exper­i­ence includ­ing product test­ing, indus­tri­al con­trol sys­tem design and machinery safety, includ­ing more than 15 years of CE Marking exper­i­ence with Industrial Machinery. Mr. Nix has been dir­ectly involved in more than 300 Pre-​Start Health and Safety Reviews in Ontario and the USA.

Mr. Nix spe­cial­izes in risk assess­ment meth­ods and pro­cess, teach­ing risk assess­ment prin­ciples and pro­cesses since 1997.

Mr. Nix is cur­rently serving on CSA’s s364/​Z1002 Technical Committee, writ­ing the Occupational Injury and Illness Risk Assessment and Management Standard. This stand­ard is part of CSA’s new Z1000 OHS Management series of stand­ards and is found­a­tion­al to many oth­er doc­u­ments cur­rently in work.

More Information

You can get more inform­a­tion from the CIC web­site includ­ing down­load­ing a regis­tra­tion form, or you can vis­it the Canadian German Chamber of Commerce web site, or call the office in Toronto.

Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce Inc.
480 University Avenue, Suite 1500
Toronto, ON M5G 1V2


Tel: (416) 598 7076

Contact: Sara Franke