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Standards in Music

Work­ing in a field that is stand­ards heavy, I often get ques­tions from cli­ents and stu­dents about the ori­gin of stand­ards. Recently I heard a dis­cus­sion on CBC radio talk­ing about the ori­gins of… 

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Interlock Architectures Pt. 6 – Comparing North American and International Systems

industrial Control Console
This entry is part 6 of 8 in the series Cir­cuit Archi­tec­tures Explored

I’ve now writ­ten six posts, includ­ing this one, on the top­ic of cir­cuit archi­tec­tures for the safety-related parts of con­trol sys­tems. In this post, we’ll com­pare the Inter­na­tion­al and North… 

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Overlapping standards: Why do we have so many ??

This post was updated on 13-Jun-16 If you’re one of my reg­u­lar read­ers, you know that I make heavy ref­er­ence to tech­nic­al stand­ards in my posts. One of the ques­tions that… 

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