National Day of Rememberance

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Today echos with gun­shots that rang out in Montréal’s École Poly­tech­nique 21 years ago. On that day four­teen women were gunned down for no oth­er reas­on than that they were women. I still remem­ber hear­ing the news the first time. Each had their lives stolen from them by a men­tally ill man who believed that women were pre­vent­ing […]

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IEC/TR 62061 – 1 Reviewed

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Why You Need to Spend More Cash on Yet Anoth­er Doc­u­ment Stand­ards organ­iz­a­tions pub­lish doc­u­ments in a fairly con­tinu­ous stream, so for those of us tasked with stay­ing cur­rent with a large num­ber of stand­ards (say, more than 10), the pub­lic­a­tion of anoth­er new stand­ard or Tech­nic­al Report isn’t news – it’s busi­ness as usu­al. The ques­tion […]