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Low Voltage Directive – 2014/35/EU Guidelines – August 2018


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  1. These Low Voltage Dir­ect­ive Guidelines (LVD Guide) are inten­ded to be a manu­al for all parties dir­ectly or indir­ectly affected by the Low Voltage Dir­ect­ive 2014/35/EU1 (here­in­after referred to as ‘the LVD’), applic­able from 20 April 2016, repla­cing the pre­vi­ous Dir­ect­ive 2006/95/EC2.
  2. This guide updates the first ver­sion of the “guidelines on the applic­a­tion of Dir­ect­ive 2014/35/EU” of Novem­ber 2016, that super­seded the “guidelines on the applic­a­tion of Dir­ect­ive 2006/95/EC” of August 2007 in the last modi­fic­a­tion ver­sion of Janu­ary 2012 This guide refers only to the applic­a­tion of the LVD (Dir­ect­ive 2014/35/EU) unless oth­er­wise indicated.
  3. Read­ers’ atten­tion is drawn to the fact that this guide is inten­ded only to facil­it­ate the applic­a­tion of the LVD and it is the text of the LVD and the nation­al laws trans­pos­ing the LVD that are leg­ally bind­ing. How­ever, this doc­u­ment does rep­res­ent a ref­er­ence for ensur­ing con­sist­ent and har­mon­ised applic­a­tion of the LVD by all stakeholders.
  4. This guide is inten­ded not only for the use of Mem­ber States’ com­pet­ent author­it­ies, but also by the main eco­nom­ic oper­at­ors con­cerned, such as man­u­fac­tur­ers, import­ers and dis­trib­ut­ors and their trade asso­ci­ations; bod­ies in charge of the pre­par­a­tion of stand­ards as well as those involved in the con­form­ity assess­ment procedures.
  5. This guide is not exhaust­ive; it focuses on cer­tain issues only, which, in the light of the exper­i­ence, are of dir­ect and spe­cif­ic interest for the applic­a­tion of the LVD. This guide should be used in con­junc­tion with the LVD itself and with the European Commission’s doc­u­ment “The Blue Guide on the imple­ment­a­tion of EU product rules”3, which fur­ther explains con­cepts such as “pla­cing on the mar­ket” and “eco­nom­ic operators”.
  6. The struc­ture of the LVD guide fol­lows the struc­ture of the LVD itself. Com­ments and explan­a­tions are giv­en to each Art­icle and Annex of the LVD. It also provides addi­tion­al cla­ri­fic­a­tions and inform­a­tion in Annexes VII-XI of this guide. For com­pre­hens­ive guid­ance on hori­zont­al terms and prin­ciples of EU product rules, the read­ers should refer to the “The ‘Blue Guide’ on the imple­ment­a­tion of EU product rules”, as advised in these guidelines.
  7. This guide has been pre­pared by the com­pet­ent ser­vices of the Dir­ect­or­ate- Gen­er­al for Intern­al Mar­ket, Industry, Entre­pren­eur­ship and SMEs (GROW) of the European Com­mis­sion in coöper­a­tion with Mem­ber States, European stand­ard­isa­tion bod­ies, European industry, European con­sumer organ­isa­tions and oth­er rel­ev­ant sec­tor­al stakeholders.

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