Guards and Guarding

How to Apply a Safety Edge to a Machine Guard – Part 1: Pressure-sensitive devices

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CNC machine with sliding doors and safety edges
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Safety Edges are often for­got­ten as safe­guard­ing devices. Most machinery engin­eers and design­ers are famil­i­ar with inter­lock­ing devices and light cur­tains, but once we step away from the famil­i­ar, our under­stand­ing of how to apply safe­guard­ing devices like a safety edge becomes a bit foggy.  Copy­right secured by Digi­prove © 2018Acknow­ledge­ments: SafeInd, IEC, ISO, Rock­well Auto­ma­tio more…Some Rights ReservedOri­gin­al con­tent here is pub­lished […]

Control Functions

Q & A: Category 2 and Testing Intervals

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Logical block diagram for ISO 13849-1 Category 2 architecture.
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Dur­ing the Free Safety Talks that we did with Schmersal Canada and Frank­lin Empire, we had a “hot ques­tion” come up regard­ing Cat­egory 2 archi­tec­ture and the test­ing inter­val require­ment. In the short video below, Doug answers that ques­tion. If you have more ques­tions or felt some­thing wasn’t clear in the video, leave us a com­ment and […]


Five reasons you should attend our Free Safety Talks

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Banner for the Free Safety Talks

Reas­on #1 – Free Safety Talks You can’t argue with Free Stuff! Last week we partnered with Schmersal Canada and Frank­lin Empire to put on three days of Free Safety Talks. We had full houses in all three loc­a­tions, Wind­sor, Lon­don and Cam­bridge, with nearly 60 people par­ti­cip­at­ing. We had two great presenters who helped […]