Safety Label Format Solutions for Solving Complex Messaging Challenges

Safety label on a roller conveyor

Safety Label Messaging Basics Safety label design follows three principles: Identify the hazard Identify the likely degree of injury that could occur Instruct the reader about ways to avoid injury Designing warnings seem like a simple task. However, users may not be English speaking or literate. Depending on the jurisdictions where your product will be…

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Recent Changes to the Product Safety Label Standard ISO 3864-2

The Importance of Best Practice Product Safety Label Standards Product safety labels serve an important role. They protect both users and manufacturers. Manufacturers are concerned with building products and protecting themselves from liability lawsuits. Users are concerned about buying safe products. Manufacturers are also concerned with meeting the legal requirements for product labelling in their…

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Machinery Safety Labels: 3 Top Tools for Effective Warnings

Safety label by Clarion Safety Systems

Machinery Safety Labels The third level of the “Hierarchy of Controls” is “Information for Use.” Safety Labels are a key part of the Information for Use provided by machine builders and are often the only information many users get to see. This makes the design and placement of the safety labels critical to their effectiveness.…

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