Translation Bafflement

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I’ve been noticing a trend with some of my clients that I am having difficulty understanding – maybe a reader can help me get this… A basic requirement in the EU is that manuals and other information a manufacturer provide to their customer be provided in the official language of the country where the product…

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Get the Basics Right! New training courses

People in a training class, listening to an instructor

For over 15 years, I’ve taught people about risk assessment, machinery safety and CE Marking of machinery in private, onsite classes and through presentations at safety conferences. Things are about to change! We are introducing new training courses! This fall, Compliance InSight Consulting will begin offering open-enrolment workshops in CE Marking, Risk Assessment Functional Safety,…

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The Third Level of the Hierarchy: Information for Use

I’ve written about the Hierarchy of Controls in past posts. I’ve focused on the engineering side of the control equation: Physical changes to machine design to eliminate hazards and mechanical or electrical control systems that can reduce risk. The first two levels of the Hierarchy, Elimination/Substitution and Engineering Controls are typically more challenging to apply…

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Why I wear a Poppy on 11-Nov

In a recent article in the Independent, Robert Fisk writes that the poppy has become nothing more than a fashion statement in the UK. Merely a way to show that you are British, to score points with the boss, or to make a political statement. He believes that wearing a poppy on 11-Nov mocks our…

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CSA Z1002 Public Review – Last Day!

Last Chance! Today is Thursday, 17-Mar-2011, marking 60 days into the public review period for CSA Z1002 ? Occupational Health and Safety Hazard Identification and Elimination and Risk Assessment and Control. If you downloaded the draft from the CSA web site, remember that the PDF will lock on 18-Mar, and you will no longer be…

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