Machinery Safety 101

Understanding European Declarations of Conformity or Incorporation

Proportional drawing showing design of EU CE Mark graphic

Updated 2021-04-06 In order to under­stand the vari­ous types of EU Declar­a­tions, it’s import­ant to first under­stand a bit about the sys­tem that uses them. Two sys­tems of product safety eval­u­ation are… 

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Get the Basics Right!

For more than 15 years I’ve been teach­ing people about risk assess­ment, machinery safety and CE Mark­ing of machinery in private, onsite classes and through present­a­tions at safety con­fer­ences. Things are… 

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New HSE advice on CE marking assemblies of machinery

Guarded machinery in a plant

This post was ori­gin­ally pub­lished on Reprin­ted with per­mis­sion. By Jon Severn, A degree of con­fu­sion sur­rounds the ques­tion of CE mark­ing assem­blies of machinery under the Machinery Dir­ect­ive 2006/42/EC.…

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The Third Level of the Hierarchy: Information for Use

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Hier­archy of Controls

I’ve writ­ten about the Hier­archy of Con­trols in past posts, but I’ve focused on the ‘engin­eer­ing’ side of the con­trol equa­tion: Phys­ic­al changes to machine design to elim­in­ate haz­ards, and… 

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EC Machinery Working Group meets

From our friends at It is now more than a year since the new Machinery Dir­ect­ive (2006/42/EC) came into force, but the situ­ation is still fairly flu­id in some respects.… 

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