Five things you need to know about CE Marked Wire and Cable

Wire is sim­ple right? Maybe not! Here are the top five things to know when select­ing wire and cable prod­ucts for use in designs that will be CE Marked:

  1. Wire and cable prod­ucts sold in the EU must be CE Marked under the Low Volt­age Direc­tive, and MAY bear BOTH the CE Mark and the HAR mark. The HAR mark may only be applied by man­u­fac­tur­ers that have met the require­ments for the use of the HAR mark. More infor­ma­tion on the HAR mark. 

    Picture of the HAR Mark.
    The HAR Mark
  2. The HD 21.X and HD 22.X Har­mo­niza­tion Doc­u­ments pre­vi­ous­ly used for deter­min­ing com­pli­ance and apply­ing the CE Mark are being replaced by the EN 50525.X fam­i­ly of stan­dards start­ing on 2014-01-17. See the list.
  3. Wire and Cable prod­ucts with Dec­la­ra­tions of Con­for­mi­ty that refer to old­er ver­sions of the Low Volt­age Direc­tive, or that refer to HD doc­u­ments that have been super­seded are NO LONGER COMPLIANT.
  4. Wire and Cable prod­ucts used in “large-scale” machine tools and fixed instal­la­tions do not need to meet WEEE require­ments.
  5. Design­ers are not required to use CE Marked wire and cable prod­ucts in CE Marked Prod­ucts.

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