Hazard Identification – Engineered Nanoparticles

Understanding the haz­ards presen­ted by pro­cesses is crit­ic­al to pro­tect­ing work­ers. Nanoparticles are enter­ing the work­place in new products and pro­cesses, but the haz­ards are not well under­stood. Read this art­icle to learn more.

Identifying haz­ards is the first step in the risk assess­ment pro­cess, but to do this effect­ively the haz­ards must be under­stood. Engineered nan­o­particles, like car­bon nan­otubes, are begin­ning to show up in a wide vari­ety of products. The prob­lem is that their haz­ards are not well under­stood.

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