How Risk Assessment Fails

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Fukushima Dai Ichi Power Plant after the explosionsThe events unfold­ing at Japan’s Fukushi­ma Dai Ichi Nuc­le­ar Power plant are a case study in ways that the risk assess­ment pro­cess can fail or be abused. In an art­icle pub­lished on, Jason Clen­field item­izes dec­ades of fraud and fail­ures in engin­eer­ing and admin­is­tra­tion that have led to the cata­stroph­ic fail­ure of four of six react­ors at the 40-year-old Fukushi­ma plant. Clenfield’s art­icle, ‘Dis­aster Caps Faked Reports’, goes on to cov­er sim­il­ar fail­ures in the Japan­ese nuc­le­ar sec­tor. Con­tin­ue read­ing “How Risk Assess­ment Fails”