Do you use ISO 13849 or IEC 62061? We need to hear from you! UPDATED

Do you use ISO 13849–1 or IEC 62061 to define and ana­lyze the safe­ty relat­ed parts of the con­trol sys­tems used on your machin­ery? Have you been frus­trat­ed by try­ing to apply these stan­dards? Good news! ISO and IEC are work­ing on merg­ing these doc­u­ments, but the com­mit­tee work­ing on the merg­er needs some guid­ance from users. Here’s your chance to be heard!

Be Heard

Survey graphicIn May this year, ISO TC199 launched an online sur­vey ask­ing for input from machine builders and any­one else that uses ISO 13849 or IEC 62061. The sur­vey probes ways that the stan­dards are used , the kinds of prob­lems they encounter when try­ing to apply them, and how the use of these stan­dards affects their prod­ucts and busi­ness­es. The sur­vey, titled “Design of safe­ty relat­ed controls/control sys­tems for machin­ery – Expe­ri­ences with gener­ic stan­dards (in par­tic­u­lar ISO 13849–1 and IEC 62061)” asks a num­ber of impor­tant ques­tions that will guide the Joint Work­ing Group 1 (JWG1) as work pro­ceeds on merg­ing ISO 13849 and IEC 62061.

The sur­vey cov­ers:

  • The gener­ic and machine-spe­cif­ic stan­dards used in your com­pa­ny;
  • The types of con­trol tech­nolo­gies used in your prod­ucts;
  • Chal­lenges with get­ting com­po­nent reli­a­bil­i­ty data;
  • Use of ‘well-tried com­po­nents’, and the meth­ods to qual­i­fy­ing com­po­nents as ‘well-tried’;
  • Chal­lenges relat­ed to inte­grat­ing mechan­i­cal, pneu­mat­ic or hydraulic com­po­nents in the design of the safe­ty relat­ed con­trols, and the spe­cif­ic chal­lenges you have with this, as well as the means you have devel­oped to over­come these chal­lenges;
  • The sources you use for fail­ure rate data;
  • The influ­ence of accident/incident his­to­ry on your designs;
  • Meth­ods used to deter­mine PLs or SILs;
  • The use of des­ig­nat­ed archi­tec­tures in your designs;
  • The use of diag­nos­tics;
  • Ver­i­fi­ca­tion and val­i­da­tion pro­ce­dures;
  • Use of Com­mon Cause fac­tors; and
  • The use of design soft­ware tools like SISTEMA, Pas­CAL or SET

As you can see, it’s pret­ty wide-rang­ing. If you have a few min­utes and would like to con­tribute to the future devel­op­ment of these stan­dards, the Joint Work­ing Group would like to hear from you! 

The sur­vey clos­es 31-Aug-12 30-Nov-12. Take a minute now to com­plete it.

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